Do you want the insurance company to tell you who will represent your business in EPLI claims?

All too often, companies discover that their insurance company will designate which law firm will defend them in employment related claims. What you may not know is that unless you act, your insurance company will designate who will defend you. Under standard Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI), there is a panel of pre-designated counsel they select from. Even though your company has been paying its premiums for EPLI coverage, you may have no choice in the selection of counsel.

One way to guarantee who defends and represents you in an EPLI claim is to request an endorsement or rider specifying that you have the right to choose the firm you want to protect your interests. Where Kotz Sangster’s experienced employment litigators have been your labor and employment counsel, and have a thorough understanding of your business, designate us as your counsel. The long-standing history with your company that we have, rather than an unknown law firm, is a significant benefit to you.

Contact your insurance agent or broker to find out how your company can obtain an “accommodation” and have us named as counsel of choice under your company’s EPLI policy.