Real Property, Development, Construction and Financing

Real Property, Development, Construction and Financing

As a developer you understand the complexity that comes on the front end of a new development. Much of the work of a successful project is done before a shovel ever touches the ground, and our experienced team of real estate attorneys is here to help ensure the work is done right.

Our team has worked with stakeholders throughout the process including:

  • Governmental entities
  • Contractors
  • Operators
  • Consultants
  • Suppliers
  • Debt and equity providers.

We work with you during all stages of the development and implementation of projects.

We serve clients in matters such as:

  • Project development and implementation documentation
  • Financing arrangements (at all stages)
  • Concessions
  • Site acquisition agreements
  • Documentary and standby letters of credit
  • Engineering, procurement and construction agreements
  • Supply agreements
  • Hotel, resort and hospitality development.