Human Resources Counseling and Administration for Businesses

Human Resources Counseling and Administration for Businesses

Being on the right side of employment law is an increasingly complex task. We provide supervisory training seminars and materials to teach and advise your team about the realities of the effect of employment laws on the work they do.

We also assist human resources personnel with making day-to-day employment decisions that may implicate state and federal laws. Being proactive helps our clients avoid litigation and statutory violations before incurring devastating fines, costs, and losing sight of core business concerns.

We help assess and develop materials including:

  • Handbooks, policies and procedures
  • Layoffs/reductions in force
  • Employment and non-compete agreements
  • Confidentiality and trade secret agreements
  • Employee benefits and executive compensation
  • Affirmative Action plans
  • In-service training
  • Human resources audits
  • FMLA compliance
  • Workplace investigations.