With the ubiquity of electronic communications across most industries, Electronically Stored Information (ESI) plays a critical role during litigation. eDiscovery is the process of defining what digital information is relevant during commercial litigation, determining where it’s stored, collecting that information, and ensuring it’s properly formatted for evaluation and use.

The eDiscovery process can be time-consuming and costly. We can help our clients maximize eDiscovery process efficiency and limit the overall costs of the process.

During the eDiscovery process, we serve clients regarding:

  • The collection of relevant digital communications and documents
  • Reviewing collected ESI for applicable privileges
  • Exchanging ESI with adversarial parties
  • Reviewing and evaluating the opposing parties’ productions
  • Ensuring the protection of proprietary or confidential business information
  • Properly storing ESI for easy access, review and preservation
  • Review all documents for potential issues with claims or defenses