Tax and Economic Incentives

Tax and Economic Incentives

Tax laws and incentives are complex. Let us help demystify the process.

Our team commonly assists in the review and implementation of the numerous state, federal, and local tax and economic development incentives which encourage:

  • Continued economic development
  • Sustainable energy and energy-efficient business projects
  • Redevelopment of environmentally impacted sites (brownfields).

Drawing from years of experience and our firm’s multi-disciplinary expertise, we enable you to maximize access to and participation in state, federal and local tax incentives, abatements, grants, economic development incentives, and increase access to capital.

We serve clients in matters such as:

  • Environmental, energy, climate change and redevelopment economic incentives
  • Rehabilitation and relocation credits and incentives
  • State and local tax credits, incentives and grants
  • Capital and financing incentives.