Kotz Sangster participates in Hantz Foundation Annual Timber Trot

Kotz Sangster participates in Hantz Foundation Annual Timber Trot

The 2nd Annual Hantz Foundation Timber Trot and 3rd Annual Tree Planting was held on Saturday, May 6th in Detroit. Kotz Sangster proudly participated for the second year in a row as a sponsor. On a sunny, crisp morning, firm employees, family and friends arrived 20 strong (19 humans plus 1 dog) to run, trot, walk and roll in support of the Hantz Foundation.

Attorney Rob Goldi championed the cause to benefit education and the neighborhoods on Detroit’s east side. The day’s activities, including the 5K and a planting of trees, are designed to improve and support the areas around several schools and increase a feeling of community.

Taking place throughout the Hantz Woodlands, which encompasses one square mile of neighborhoods, Kotz Sangster participants joined with employees from Hantz Bank, school organizations, and numerous other groups and individuals for a fun-filled day. Thousands upon thousands of trees have been planted since 2013, with 3,000 trees being planted in 2017 alone. Hantz Woodlands purchases property in the area, removes blighted houses, repairs properties and improves the area. At the same time, the Foundation’s goal is to engage the community through education, notably assisting three schools in the area through programming efforts. The Hantz Foundation focuses its commitment within this area of Detroit on education, health, and the beautification of the neighborhoods and those residents who have continued to reside there.

Those comprising Team Kotz Sangster included Rob Goldi, Bruce Margulis, his fiancée, Jill Horning, and his dog, Jed, Collin Ritsema, Carolyn Wood and her sister, Janet Wood, Lauren Konczak and her fiancé, Patrick Bradley, Courtney Ciullo, Beverly Cosby, Jaime and Andy Hopko, Lindsey Pfund, Crystal Kuczborski and her husband, Steve, and their two children, Rivers and Beau, Sarah Tiltman, and Sherry Beaupré.